Intellistage portable stage guardrails are the perfect addition to your stage system.

Designed to keep performers safe, our guardrails are sold in modular sections. Rails are available for all of our stage platforms and step platforms.

All stage platforms come standard with pre-marked holes, so if you decide to add guardrails installation is a snap. Simply drill holes at the pre-marked locations found on the platforms, mount your guard rails with the provided mounting screws.

Optional transport storage trolley.

Our Intellistage multi-purpose trolley is perfect for both storage and transportation for up to 12 guardrails, ramp frames or up to 10 Intellistage platforms. This trolley comes with brackets so it can be converted to hold ramp frames, guardrails, platforms or a combination of both. Straps secure everything down during transportation and our included accessory pouch ensures you won’t lose a thing.

Guardrails provide a number of advantages, including:

  1. Enhanced Safety: Guardrails provide a safe and secure barrier around the edge of the stage to prevent performers from accidentally falling off the platform. This is particularly important for events where performers may be moving quickly or where the stage is elevated.
  2. Easy Assembly: Intellistage guardrails are designed to be easily installed and removed, making setup and breakdown of the stage quick and efficient.
  3. Durable: Made from high-quality materials, Intellistage guardrails are built to withstand the wear and tear of repeated use.
  4. Professional Appearance: The sleek and polished appearance of Intellistage guardrails gives your stage a professional and finished look, enhancing the overall presentation of your event.
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