Modular Platforms

Square and rectangle platforms act as the main building component for most typical stage designs. You can also use quarter round and triangle platforms. Square platforms are the most common and versatile stage platform as they allow for nearly endless stage combinations.

Platforms are available in a grey carpet finish, black industrial finish or a rugged black tuff-coat finish. Stage panels lock together using a built-in platform locking system. Choose from a range of folding legs to suit.

Fast, easy set-up by 1 person. 1mtr x 1mtr stage platforms are 13kg each and can be setup by one person. 2mtr x 1mtr platforms are 30kg each and require two people for handling.

Stage panel connectors

Modular platforms with built-in panel connectors for fast and easy assembly.


Choose from our heavy-duty carpet, black industrial or tuff-coat finishes.


Our platforms are rated to carry up to 750kgs per sqm!


Durable modular platform surface with a heavy-duty carpet finish featuring multiple layer sandwich construction. (9mm high-density plywood, 7.5 mm honeycomb grid, 4mm high-density plywood). Featuring an aluminum profile on all sides and an integrated platform locking system. Supports up to 750 kgs per sqm.

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