switchback wheelchair ramp

We offer a full range of wheelchair access and equipment ramps to suit our portable staging products.

Our new Quicklock equipment and wheelchair ramps are designed to work with any of our staging products with the use of specific connection plates.

Easy assembly, compact storage and lightweight but solid construction are what set Quicklock ramps apart. Ramps consist of aluminum frame stage decks and adjustable legs.

We offer a range of ramp configurations for optimal usage of installation space. The modular design is also a plus, allowing for easy upgrades when stage heights change. All wheelchair ramps come standard with guardrails and guardrail options are also available for our equipment ramps. Our ramps comply with Australian standards.

Portable stage wheelchair ramps by Quicklock have a 1:14 gradient to make it easier for wheelchair users to access the stage. Wheelchair ramps come standard with guardrails. Wheelchair ramps can be configured as straight, straight with landing, switch back or 90 degree turn.

Stage equipment ramps are perfect for rolling equipment on and off the stage. Equipment ramps are steeper than wheelchair ramps. The Quicklock equipment ramp offers a convenient solution for rolling your equipment onstage with ease.

Wheelchair and Equipment Ramps

Can be setup on uneven ground – Setup by one person with no tools – Features height adjustable legs – Industrial (black non-slip), carpet finish or weather proof aluminum – Stairs, guardrails, skirts and transport trolleys are available.

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