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90 degree Wheelchair Ramp with Landing

Wheelchair Ramp 90 degree with Landing and Guardrails

Our 90 degree angle ramp configurations for optimal usage of available installation space.

  • Available in three surface finishes: Gray Carpet, Industrial finish and Aluminum finish.
  • Aluminum finish ramps are fully water proof and are suitable for permanent outdoor installation.
  • Flexible and adjustable configurations fit a variety of different needs.
  • Can be installed on level flat ground or uneven surfaces.
  • Universal design easily connects to the following stages; Intellistage, Staging 101, Slim Folding Stage 101, All Terrain, ProFlex, QuickLock and or fixed permanent structures (using special adapters).
  • Easy, fast and simple to install using standard QuickLock platforms and guardrails.
  • Fast assembly and installation does not require any additional tools.
  • Custom ramp configurations can be created to fit your needs.
  • Weight rated at: 750 kgs per sqm.

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